Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at Little Birch

Grant, Leidy and I spent the weekend hanging out at the cabin.  Lucy (the golden retriever) and Leidy spent some time swimming.  Lucy tried to teach Leidy to jump off the dock but she's still too scared ;)

Uncle Darrell and Grant coaxing the dogs to jump off the dock after the ball.  Lucy's a pro - Leidy, not so much.
Cody and Grant with the pups

A race for the ball!

Ella and I swam with the dogs too

Leidy!   Senior pic?  ;)

Gramma Hazel's little boat even got to go for a few rides too!  Here's Leidy on her first ride.

The crew hanging out - Dad, Cody, Suzette, Darrell, Mom, Chris and Heather.

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