Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it 2012

We all headed out to Clotho to spend the weekend for Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it!  Leidy got to play with Zoey the whole weekend and they both wore each other out ;)  Saturday morning everyone was out and about getting things situated at the church, putting signs up, getting ready for races, etc.

Molly and Clark getting ready

Marla visiting with the participants

Mom made the trek out to ride her new bike on the 15 miler!

Catherine and I ready to attempt the 10k for the first time - we didn't know at this point what we were in for ;)  That is one hilly course!  Note to self, run on more hills before doing this again ;)

We finished it and even got some medals ;)  2nd and 3rd place ... ummm ... out of 5 ... lol

Mom finished the bike ride too!

Here's Gary cheering Grant on the home stretch.  That crazy kid tried the duathlon this year ;)  He finished and said he'd be up for it again next year!

Another crazy kid, Molly, tried out the new duathlon event as well!

We all had a really fun weekend and can't wait for next year's event!

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