Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden: Planted!

We finished planting the garden tonight!  We had done the sweet corn, cucumbers, dill, kohlrabi, pumpkins and squash on Sunday, May 20th.  That night we saw the peas, onions, potatoes and green beans we planted back on May 12th were already coming up!  So exciting :)
Tonight we finished up with planting the tomatoes and peppers!  I had started the tomatoes inside on March 11th and I think they're ready to make the move outdoors - I hope!!  :)  Like Mike taught us, we dug the holes where the tomatoes would go and put some dried milk in (I think he said 1 cup each but we didn't have that much) and then filled each hole with some water right before we put the plant in.  Here's the main garden (we put a fence up because we have a lot of rabbits):
The pumpkin and squash is planted in the other garden (without any fence protection but we did plant some marigolds that are supposed to help keep rabbitts, etc out) - let's hope some stuff grows!
Here is a diagram of the garden with some measurements, etc so we can remember what we did when we're ready to plant next year! 

The back garden is pretty simple so there's no diagram - just two rows and the front row is squash with 6 hills of buttercup on the left side and 6 hills of butternut on the right side. The back row is all pumpkins.

Note for next year - cut the seed potatoes the night before so the exposed parts can dry out.  You can cut them into several pieces as long as there is an eye on each piece.

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