Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at Little Birch

Grant, Leidy and I spent the weekend hanging out at the cabin.  Lucy (the golden retriever) and Leidy spent some time swimming.  Lucy tried to teach Leidy to jump off the dock but she's still too scared ;)

Uncle Darrell and Grant coaxing the dogs to jump off the dock after the ball.  Lucy's a pro - Leidy, not so much.
Cody and Grant with the pups

A race for the ball!

Ella and I swam with the dogs too

Leidy!   Senior pic?  ;)

Gramma Hazel's little boat even got to go for a few rides too!  Here's Leidy on her first ride.

The crew hanging out - Dad, Cody, Suzette, Darrell, Mom, Chris and Heather.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden: Planted!

We finished planting the garden tonight!  We had done the sweet corn, cucumbers, dill, kohlrabi, pumpkins and squash on Sunday, May 20th.  That night we saw the peas, onions, potatoes and green beans we planted back on May 12th were already coming up!  So exciting :)
Tonight we finished up with planting the tomatoes and peppers!  I had started the tomatoes inside on March 11th and I think they're ready to make the move outdoors - I hope!!  :)  Like Mike taught us, we dug the holes where the tomatoes would go and put some dried milk in (I think he said 1 cup each but we didn't have that much) and then filled each hole with some water right before we put the plant in.  Here's the main garden (we put a fence up because we have a lot of rabbits):
The pumpkin and squash is planted in the other garden (without any fence protection but we did plant some marigolds that are supposed to help keep rabbitts, etc out) - let's hope some stuff grows!
Here is a diagram of the garden with some measurements, etc so we can remember what we did when we're ready to plant next year! 

The back garden is pretty simple so there's no diagram - just two rows and the front row is squash with 6 hills of buttercup on the left side and 6 hills of butternut on the right side. The back row is all pumpkins.

Note for next year - cut the seed potatoes the night before so the exposed parts can dry out.  You can cut them into several pieces as long as there is an eye on each piece.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it 2012

We all headed out to Clotho to spend the weekend for Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it!  Leidy got to play with Zoey the whole weekend and they both wore each other out ;)  Saturday morning everyone was out and about getting things situated at the church, putting signs up, getting ready for races, etc.

Molly and Clark getting ready

Marla visiting with the participants

Mom made the trek out to ride her new bike on the 15 miler!

Catherine and I ready to attempt the 10k for the first time - we didn't know at this point what we were in for ;)  That is one hilly course!  Note to self, run on more hills before doing this again ;)

We finished it and even got some medals ;)  2nd and 3rd place ... ummm ... out of 5 ... lol

Mom finished the bike ride too!

Here's Gary cheering Grant on the home stretch.  That crazy kid tried the duathlon this year ;)  He finished and said he'd be up for it again next year!

Another crazy kid, Molly, tried out the new duathlon event as well!

We all had a really fun weekend and can't wait for next year's event!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Leidy is 6 months old!

Look how grown up our pup is!
Look at her little self back in February when she was 3 months old!  ohhhh so cute - I know I posted this one last time too but it's cute :)
She can still fit to sit in the basket at 6 months :) It's getting pretty tight in there though!  She weighs about 35 pounds now.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a fun, busy day for Mother's Day.  First, we met up with the Hinnenkamps for brunch at the Greenwald Pub!

Hanging out visiting after brunch.  Here's Uncle Darrell and Chris.

Suzette, Me, Danna, Glenn and Jake
Vicki, Gramma Rosie, Ella twirling, Grant, Me, Danna and Olivia
Cousins!  Heather, Danna, Cody, Olivia, Me and Jake
Mom, Ella and Gramma Rosie
After Greenwald we headed for the cabin.  There were some photo shoots.  Here's Mom, Heather, Ella and Me.
Then there was some playing in the sand.  And later the Schnells all came over to celebrate too!  I'm terrible at taking pictures so don't have any after the Stanleys left since I always just steal their photos :)  Molly, Clark, Grant and Gary fished for awhile on their pontoon and later we all had supper together.  It was a fun day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Starting our Garden!

Grant and I are attempting our own garden at our very own house for the very first time this year ;)  Think anything will grow?!  lol!  I hope so - AND I hope the bunnies don't eat everything!!

Grant doing some tilling while Leidy runs around the yard like a crazy dog

She would not sit still for a picture and look at the camera for more than 2.2 seconds.  I need a faster camera ;)

When Leidy's out running around the kitties get to come outside and lounge in her kennel. Everest loves it outside :)

And Junebug too!
Today we planted onions, peas, carrots, green beans, zucchini and potatoes. We hope to plant the rest (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn and dill) on or before Memorial Day! And then we have to figure out how to deter the bunnies :) More updates to come...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paddlefest - Sandstone, MN

Leidy's first summer camping trip! We hit up Paddlefest in Sandstone, MN for some camping, visiting, and paddling fun!

Saturday morning Leidy was up pretty early giving us her puppy dog stare wondering if her friend Summit was already up playing outside ;)
Ang and I went for a run, then we had breakfast and everyone got suited up for paddling. We all rode up to the put-in and here's Grant paddling down.
There was no paddling for Ang and I in the morning - we walked the dogs along the river instead :)
Back at camp there were lots and lots of dogs for Leidy to play with. She doesn't listen so well yet though so she had to get tied up sometimes ;)
The down river race was at 4pm and this time we all got to paddle! The usual raft race took place after the other paddlers took off. It was hilarious and we all had a great time! Our raft won for the whole stretch of rapids but we're at a disadvantage on the flat water so didn't so much win then ;) No pics but it was super fun! After supper we headed to the GasLight for the drawing and then back to the tent to sleep cuz we were all so tired!
It poured rain that night so the river came up some. After breakfast at the local cafe another crew headed down the river and Grant went too. That's him in the wave - the others are waiting their turn.

Leidy and I walked along and watched.

We stopped at the rapid called Teacher's Pet to watch the rodeo. Here's Brody. These pics are from Nora Whitmore and Jack Kukowski

And Grant! Nice work, guys :)

Here's a cool pic of a paddler's view of the river - pretty!
Can't wait for next year!
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