Sunday, April 8, 2012

Philly for Easter!

The family all flew to Philadelphia to hang out for a long Easter weekend!  Heather, Chris and Ella stayed with Tatyana and Carmine while Grant and I stayed at Dad's apartment.  The first day we slept in, got the rental car (Grant had a little incident on the turnpike and got himself a ticket because he didn't have a pass ;) and then picked up the rest of the crew to go walk around Penny Pack Park.

Ella feeding the ducks and geese
Mom enjoying her walk
Smart-phoning?  Grant and Chris were trying to find a good geo-caching app ;)

Our second day in Philly was Easter!  (and my bday ;)  We celebrated at Tatyana and Carmine's.  There were multiple Easter egg hunts with Ella and Tatyana's granddaughter.
Ella sharing her goodies with me
Ella is two.  And so am I ;)
Tatyana with her daughter and granddaughter
The rest of the day we visited, ate food, visited, ate more food, sang happy birthday, ate more food.  Yeah, we ate a lot of food (that's the way it usually goes at Tatyana and Carmine's!) A few of us also snuck out for a walk in between the eating.  It was a fun day!

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