Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snowmobiling the Sierra Madres - Day 4

The fourth day of riding we found some nice logging roads to follow. At one point Grant went down a hill on the side of the road and Jake followed. On his way back up he got stuck and while Grant was helping him out, he noticed all his oil was leaking out. So, we had to pull Jake's sled the rest of the way up the hill so it could get towed back to the trailer ;) Always an adventure!

Hooking up ropes so we could all grab on and pull!

Here we are pulling to get it to a spot where we could hook a snowmobile on to pull it ;)

After that crew headed back to the trailer the rest of us kept going on the logging roads. It was crazy windy and trees were falling down all over. Check it out. At one point Mom and I actually heard one fall in the distance while we were waiting for someone to get unstuck. Slightly scary!

Isn't it nice in the woods?? Loren and I hanging out probably waiting for someone to be unstuck.

Loren stuck on a hill.

Pretty views of mountains in the distance!

Grant's stuck now ;)

At some point we did end up meeting Darrell and Jake again after they went back to the trailer and swapped sleds. We had a good rest of the day!

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