Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snowmobiling the Sierra Madres - Day 3

On the third day we headed west on the trails past where we had gone the first day. We cut back into the trees and found some more snow near Battle Creek ;)

Dad in a nice little meadow we found and had to track up

Loren assisting in the tracking of the meadow ;)




Uncle Darrell and Cody

Jake again

Grant got a little too close to another tree ;)

Loren started trying to make it up this hill where we had parked for lunch. It was deep at the bottom so he was having a battle. Then Jake tried it with his and also had a battle. So, he got on Darrell's turbo and made it up but hit a big rock that stopped him dead and threw him off! Yike!

After the other crew headed back to fix Darrell's sled cuz it was bent from Jake's rock incident, Mom decided to fall into a creek ;) lol. So, we had to strategically dig it out without getting wet!

Once we had it mostly out Grant was in charge of shit canning it to turn and cross the creek. Hmm.. didn't work as planned ;) he buried it on the other side of the creek ;)

We rode for awhile longer with just us four and then headed back for some supper!

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