Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snowmobiling the Sierra Madres - Day 2

Day number 2 we went out and enjoyed some more time in the woods and snow checking out the new territory ;)

Dad tipped over

Uncle Darrell and Cody

Grant - watch out for that tree!

Jake helping Mom turn ;) This was actually a side hill even though it doesn't look like it and she was having a battle turning up hill.





Jake - I tried to get a pic of him jumping because that was the theme of this spot but he was on the ground everytime my camera went off ;)

Pretty views!

Mom and I hanging out

Oh there - Jake's somewhat in the air!

Uncle Darrell and Cody


Loren buried it just off the logging road we were on at the end of the day ;)

Relaxing at the house after a day of riding

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