Monday, December 26, 2011

Snowmobiling the Sierra Madres - Day 1

This was our first year snowmobiling the Sierra Madre range in southeastern Wyoming. We left MN early on Christmas morning and stayed that night in Saratoga. The next morning we unloaded our stuff in the house we rented in Riverside and then headed up to unload and ride. We ventured out on the trails for a little ways and then made our way off into the trees for most of the afternoon.

Looks like Jaker got himself stuck ;)

Grant and Dad watching.

We stopped in a meadow for lunch. And Suzette got herself stuck ;)

That's Mom.

Grant tipped over ;)

Suzette having a sandwich.

After winding through the trees for awhile we ventured up to see if we could get to the top of Bridger Peak. There were lots of pretty views on the way!

Mom and Jake.

Grant and I at the top! Pretty cool views. The pics don't do it justice. You could see mountain ranges all around. See the white in the way background along the horizon?

Grant checking out the view. Apparently some of what we were seeing is Colorado.

More mountains!

It was a good first day out and about in a new area!

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