Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hinnenkamp Christmas

We invited the Hinnenkamp crew over for Christmas Eve brunch at our house!

Ella and I playing before brunch.

Jake and Cody with a little Wii boxing action.

Time for some food! Chris and Mom.

Visiting after eating. Olivia, Suzette, Glenn, Ella, Me, Vicki and Gramma Rosie.

Presents! Mom, Heather and Ella checking out her new doll.

Mom doing a little boozing in the afternoon ;)

Dad and Gramma Rosie visiting.

Bear and Olivia relaxing.

After the brunch crew left the Stanleys and Mom and Dad hung out for awhile and later had supper!

The Stanleys doing a little web surfing ;)

More food! Heather, Mom, Me and Dad getting supper ready.

Very serious about setting the table.

More presents after supper! Ella got lots of fun stuff and was pretty into the present opening this year ;) She wanted to open EVERYONE's presents :) hehe

Grant and some new tools :)

Heather and Ella with a new coffee maker.

Me, Ella and Mom admiring her new KitchenAid mixer!

Thanks everyone for a fun holiday weekend!

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