Sunday, December 11, 2011

Building a Kitty Tower

See these two cute little kitties? They look like they would love a new spot to perch themselves ;) Actually they look pretty comfy in our chair but we decided to build them a kitty tower anyways!

Junebug and Everest

First we cut a 5 gallon bucket in half and then took leftover carpet from our house and used a little Gorilla Glue to attach it. This was quite a process because we had to glue one side at a time and then clamp it down to let it dry. Then do another section and try to fold it over the edge. Repeat.

Grant used some sort of lag bolt to attach the main post. I think he also put some other screws in it to secure it.

Then he attached a couple other supports for the other perch spots.

Everest trying out the half bucket once that was attached ;)

And here's Junebug cozying up on the finished project!

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