Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visiting Gramma Hazel

On Saturday I met up with Chris, Heather, Ella and Mom for a trip to the cities to visit Gramma Hazel!

For part of the time the helpers were working with Gramma so we hung out in the dining room at Chandler Place. Look at that face Ella is giving me ;)

Watching the duckies in the pond.

Ella and Mom watching the ducks.

Signing Gramma's guestbook

Gramma Hazel, Mom, Ella, Me and Heather

Heather and Me with Gramma :)

Gramma was very alert and really enjoyed watching Ella and her antics. Here's proof ;)

She had some trouble hearing us so we'd have to write some things on paper so she could read it. But, it was a good visit and we were all so glad to see Gramma smiling :) And, I think she enjoyed having some visitors!

That evening Grant and I headed to Diamond Point for Dave Hillman's wedding. Here we are ready to go ... with the nice fall colors in our yard!

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