Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fest!

Grant and I invited everyone out to our house for some Fall Fest fun :) There were lots of activities going on throughout the day and luckily the weather held out!

Dad, Mom, Gramma Rosie having some chili

Diane, Grant, Al and Amity

Mom decorating a cookie

Then there was some mountain biking. Here's Grant.

And Ang

And Brody

Also some slacklining went on. Here's Jeff, Catherine and Me.

Me, Amity and Grant ... LOL ... Amity was probably saying 'YOU THINK THIS IS FUN?' at this moment ;)

Coloring some fall pictures. Marla, Gramma Rosie, Mom, Heather, Ella and Dad.

Suzette doing some cookie decorating and coloring ;) That's Me and Sandy in the back.

Look at little Ella 'painting her cookie' ;) hehe

There was also lots of snacking going on throughout the day! Here's Catherine and I enjoying our caramel apples that Ang brought. And, in the background see that fancy hot chocolate buffet courtesy of Heather and Chris!?

Cody painting a pumpkin.

Grant doing some sort of move on the new climbing wall.

Later on there was some night biking going on. Here's Grant and Luke.

And Jake too.

And finally the ping pong table made an appearance when it started to sprinkle on our bonfire! Here's Ang and Brody in an intense game ;)

Gary and Jake.

The Stanleys.

Just hangin' out ;)

See you all for the next party!!

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