Sunday, October 2, 2011

Collegeville Orchards

Grant and I volunteered to help set up for the Collegeville Colors event at St. Johns University today and afterwards met up with the Stanleys and Mom at the Collegeville Orchards!

Grant, Ella and I listening to some music

Checking out the petting zoo! Ella wasn't really into touching the animals tho ;) We tried to tell her that's what you do at a petting zoo.. hehe

At one point a llama stuck its head through the gate and tried to eat our hair. Ella got a little freaked and grabbed on to uncle Grant ;)

Photo op - what a peanut :)

Chris was there too ;) He's usually the photographer so doesn't end up in many pics!

Heather, Mom and Ella hanging out.

We bought some yummy apples and had a good time checking things out! Thanks guys :)

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