Friday, September 2, 2011

The Oregon Coast

After camping at a state park near Castle Rock, WA we got up early to drive the Oregon Coast.

Driving into Astoria, OR to start the drive along the coast.

Some cool rocks and beach along the coast.

Stopping for lunch at a little spot called Boiler Bay. The tourist maps said this was a good whale watching spot.

And sure enough - we saw some whales swimming around! Hard to get a good pic though.

More of the coast - there's a kiter out there.

Another little pull off to check out the Pacific Ocean. The drive wasn't exactly what we had imagined - most of it wasn't actually right along the coast - it was back in the trees. Then, there would be little side roads you could exit and go see the coast. There were some cool spots though.


Sea lions and seals were swimming around below the spot where you could see the lighthouse!

Sand dunes. We stopped to check about renting some four wheelers but decided it was too expensive ;)

Camping at a cool little cheap spot called Edson Creek BLM Campground just north of Port Orford, OR.

First campfire of the trip! High fire danger most other places from really dry weather so this is the first place we made a fire.

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