Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oregon Coast and Redwoods, CA

This morning we drove the rest of the Oregon Coast from our campsite near Sixes, OR (north of Port Orford). I think this was actually the coolest part of the whole coast ;)

Stopping for a walk on the beach. Just without the cocktails and probably a bit chillier than the beaches you visit, Heather :)

Grant tested out the water - apparently it was FREEZING :)

Morning fog

Us on the beach ... with a seagull in the background ;)

We arrived in the Redwoods State & National Parks that afternoon and visited Jeddediah State Park to see the 'old growth' forests (Howland Hill road). These were the first HUGE trees we came up on. Seriously. HUGE.

A really big tree

Grant demonstrating just how big the tree is ;)

Another GIGANTIC tree - called the Boy Scout tree - we hiked about 2.5 miles to check it out. It took both of us to demonstrate how big this one was.

Grant crossing a relatively small tree that tipped over.

After our visit at the Redwoods we headed north back to Oregon and camped at a place called Union Creek just south of Crater Lake, OR. We had wanted to stop at a cheaper spot just a few miles from here but since it was Saturday of Labor Day weekend it was full. But, at $12 this one wasn't bad either. Doin a lil dishes after supper ...

Back on the road again tomorrow!

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