Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mt Rainier from Paradise

We woke up to clear blue skies at our little campsite on the river this morning! We were so excited we jumped out of the car (we were too lazy to set up our tent so slept in the Vibe again), threw our stuff in the back and headed up the valley to see if we could get a view of the summit! We got past Chinook Pass to Tipsoo Lake and this is what we saw! Yay!

Mt Rainier and Tipsoo Lake

After we took some pictures and made breakfast at a little pull-off we got back in the car and drove around a couple more corners and saw this!

Woo hoo we got to see Mt Rainier!!

Driving towards Paradise Visitor's Center

On the way to Paradise we stopped at Reflection Lakes because we'd heard good things from a couple people. They were right, it was awesome! We decided to do a little loop hike from the parking spot near the smaller lake.

Views of more mountains to the south of Rainier from the Lakes Trail.

Lake Louise from a lookout spot on the trail.

Grant was excited to find snow ;) And after this there was lots of it! We were only at about 5,000ft or so.

Unbelievable ;)

The valley we had driven up.

We meant to do a loop hike and somehow ended up not making a turn somewhere (a lot of the trail was under snow so we must have missed a turn). We ended up by the Paradise Visitor's Center and had to walk along the road a ways back to a trail to our car but still had great views the whole way and could see some climbers going up the route our friend Erik had taken to Camp Muir. He's crazy ;)

PS. these hikes have been soooo much easier than the killer (but sweet) hike in Glacier ;)

After leaving the park we headed west and then south towards Portland - our next destination is the Oregon Coast. On the way we stopped at a little town called Castle Rock to go for a swim and, coincidentally, we had a great view of Mt St. Helen's from the lake!

We're hanging out at a little coffee shop borrowing their internet before heading to our camp site for the evening. Tomorrow we'll drive the coast and see how far we get! Happy trails :)


  1. It is so much fun to read your is a great way for us senior Schnells to feel like we are on the trip with you! The territory looks beautiful by Mt. Rainier...the new camera is capturing the beauty quite nicely! You guys are making more great cool how full your life storybook will be with these travels. Happy Trails to you as you continue on. Look forward to another post soon! Love ya, Mom Marla

  2. I think Mt. Rainier is the one of the top spots we have been. Luck has been on your side for the awesome views.
    Hope you keep finding more.


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