Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Springs, Four Wheeling and Shooting Guns in Malad City, ID!

A friend of ours from high school, Larry, lives in Malad City, ID so, after our night at the rest stop in Boise, ID we stopped at Sierra Trading Post to see if we could find any good deals and then headed to Malad to stay a few days with Larry and Jenn! We had a really great time doing all kinds of fun activities! Thanks so much you two!!!

Our first night they took us to Lava Hot Springs to relax in the natural spring water for awhile and then grab some pizza and drinks at a restaurant in town. We had been hoping to check out some hot springs since the west has a ton of them but we hadn't had a chance yet so this was perfect!

The next morning we had breakfast and loaded up the four wheelers to go for a ride in some nearby hills. We had a great time and enjoyed the views along the way!

Grant and Larry unloading

Pretty scenery

Takin a break

Looking back down the valley toward Malad

I wanted a pic of Grant and Larry but Larry didn't really want one ;) So, this is what I got!

But then we did a group photo.. me, Grant, Larry and Jenn

Loading up to head back to town

Once we were back in Malad, Jenn and I picked up their two girls from school. Mackinly had dance so while Jenn brought her to that Larry, Grant and I went back up into the hills to shoot clay pigeons. The only gun I'd ever shot was a bb gun but they talked me into trying it ;) It was actually pretty fun and I even hit quite a few of them! After awhile Jenn and the girls joined us so Jenn could try a few too!

When we had shot almost all the shells we went back to Larry and Jenn's to play outside :) We drove all the toys they had - it was a lot of fun :) hehee

I love this pic of Mackinly, Kianna and Gunner :) ... aren't they the cutest little girls?!

Larry and Grant

Jenn taking the bike out

Jenn and I also took the girls' four wheeler out for a ride - it was hilarious to ride that little thing ;) Jenn was cruisin around making some donuts and I wasn't quite prepared and flew off the back ... lol ... it was pretty funny ;)

Thanks again for letting us hang out for a few days!! We hope to visit again soon!!!

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