Thursday, September 22, 2011

Biking and Camping in Cuyuna

After work last Friday, Grant and I headed up to Crosby to spend the weekend checking out the Cuyuna bike trails for the annual bike camping trip. When we got there the Hinnenkamp crew (Darrell, Suzette, Jake and Cody) was already there. We set up our tent and shortly after Mom and Dad arrived followed by Heather, Chris, Ella and then Brody and Angie! We all got set up and sat around the campfire visiting and catching up.

The next day, after breakfast, everyone got their bikes tuned up for the rides!

Jake and Suzette are ready to go while Brody and Grant are conjuring up some sort of plan ;)

Dad's ready! Still not sure what Brody and Grant are up to ;)

Chris and Ella taking a test-drive.

The mountain bikers are loaded up!

Suzette, Darrell, Cody and Heather on their bike trip down the Cuyuna Lakes trail.

While the rest of the crew went on that trail, Jake, Grant, Brody, Angie and I unloaded at the mountain bike single track trails for some fun :)

Here's Grant loving his ride down Bobsled!

And here's me on Bobsled ... obviously not going as fast ;) heh heh

After all the biking we headed back for camp for some more activities ;)

Grant and Jake watching Brody attempt kite boarding in the wind storm.


Ella playing on the playground - loving the slides, of course!

We packed two campers and four tents onto three campsites for the weekend :) lol

Suppertime with Grant ;)

Chris concocting something yummy for supper I'm sure ;) Suzette and Uncle Darrell scoping it out.

The Johnsons roasting some hot dogs.

Later that evening we celebrated Cody's birthday with a little DQ cake! Mmmm

Campfire! Grant, Brody, Angie, Me, Jake, Heather, Ella, Cody, Dad and Suzette (Mom might be in the camper at this point still propping up her sprained ankle that somehow happened on their bike ride).

We love camping!

Thanks for another fun weekend, everyone!

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