Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Four Wheeling Adventure with the Boyers then onto the Tetons!

We stayed another night at the Boyers and got up early to go for another four wheeler ride before making our way to our next destination.

A cute little waterfall along the road shortly after we unloaded

Exploring the little creek and waterfall

Another gorgeous day!

We didn't have a definite destination today because Larry hadn't been on this trail before so we just picked a trail to make our way up farther into the hills. The trails were really rocky and there were a few spots that were kinda tough to get up :)

Made it up to a spot with a nice view

Grant and Larry discussing something

Elkhorn Peak (there was a sign pointing that direction so we figured this must be it ;)

From that spot we turned around and started back towards the truck. We got a little ways down and turned off on a different trail just to check it out. We came up to some downed trees and the guys decided we should move them. Here's their first attempt :)

And then another attempt a little more serious. LOL! Grant's supposed to be on the back to add some weight ;) It looked like they were both going to fly off!

After four wheeling we went back to town and packed up. It was a really great couple days hanging out with the Boyers and we really appreciate the hospitality!! Then we started back on the road again this time headed for the Tetons.

View of the Tetons from the Driggs side - you can barely see the peaks in the middle behind the darker hills - it was hazy from some fires.

Coming down the Jackson side of Teton Pass - first time we've gone over that pass - it was really pretty!

Yay! The familiar view of the Tetons :) Leaving Jackson on our way to our old stomping grounds in Moran!! We stayed the night in a little cabin at GTPRV (Harry's place) and went out to eat with Harry, Connie and Ernie before calling it a night!

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