Saturday, September 24, 2011

A 5k, Painting a Pumpkin, and Painting a House

Catherine had tried to convince me to run a 10k with her sometime this fall ... which didn't sound like a good idea to me... hehe... so we compromised and decided to do the Scheels 5k this weekend :)

Catherine, Me and Heather waiting to start

Me and Heather coming down the hill

Whew... we all made it! Ella, Heather, Me and Catherine after the race.

After the 5k Heather and Chris went home to get ready for a wedding while Catherine and I took Ella out for some fun. First we ate at Kay's Kitchen in St. Joseph and then we headed for Thomsen's Greenhouse to check out their pumpkin day!

Catherine and Ella starting to paint a pumpkin!

Ella tried to lick the paintbrush first but then she got the hang of it.

We bought some mums, went through the kid's maze and then walked around outside where we found a slide!!

Then it was off to meet Grant at home (he had done a mountain bike race with some kids from work in the morning) and then head for the Hinnenkamps to help Suzette paint the outside of their house. Ella took a little nap in the car on the way.

Ella chilled for the afternoon playing with the kitties and dump trucks while we painted.

Suzette took us all out to eat at AllStars in St. Rose afterwards and then Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home. She even stayed sleeping for the night when I put her in the pack and play at our house ;) Musta been tired out!

The next morning we had some pancakes and headed back to finish up more of the house painting before Heather and Chris came to pick Ella up.

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  1. i'm so glad you took pics of the pumpkin painting! ella is so proud of her pumpkin. it's sitting on the table in the foyer, and she tells me about it almost every day. she says, "ashwee put da wetters on it." her name painted on the side is her favorite part. :o)


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