Saturday, September 24, 2011

A 5k, Painting a Pumpkin, and Painting a House

Catherine had tried to convince me to run a 10k with her sometime this fall ... which didn't sound like a good idea to me... hehe... so we compromised and decided to do the Scheels 5k this weekend :)

Catherine, Me and Heather waiting to start

Me and Heather coming down the hill

Whew... we all made it! Ella, Heather, Me and Catherine after the race.

After the 5k Heather and Chris went home to get ready for a wedding while Catherine and I took Ella out for some fun. First we ate at Kay's Kitchen in St. Joseph and then we headed for Thomsen's Greenhouse to check out their pumpkin day!

Catherine and Ella starting to paint a pumpkin!

Ella tried to lick the paintbrush first but then she got the hang of it.

We bought some mums, went through the kid's maze and then walked around outside where we found a slide!!

Then it was off to meet Grant at home (he had done a mountain bike race with some kids from work in the morning) and then head for the Hinnenkamps to help Suzette paint the outside of their house. Ella took a little nap in the car on the way.

Ella chilled for the afternoon playing with the kitties and dump trucks while we painted.

Suzette took us all out to eat at AllStars in St. Rose afterwards and then Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home. She even stayed sleeping for the night when I put her in the pack and play at our house ;) Musta been tired out!

The next morning we had some pancakes and headed back to finish up more of the house painting before Heather and Chris came to pick Ella up.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Biking and Camping in Cuyuna

After work last Friday, Grant and I headed up to Crosby to spend the weekend checking out the Cuyuna bike trails for the annual bike camping trip. When we got there the Hinnenkamp crew (Darrell, Suzette, Jake and Cody) was already there. We set up our tent and shortly after Mom and Dad arrived followed by Heather, Chris, Ella and then Brody and Angie! We all got set up and sat around the campfire visiting and catching up.

The next day, after breakfast, everyone got their bikes tuned up for the rides!

Jake and Suzette are ready to go while Brody and Grant are conjuring up some sort of plan ;)

Dad's ready! Still not sure what Brody and Grant are up to ;)

Chris and Ella taking a test-drive.

The mountain bikers are loaded up!

Suzette, Darrell, Cody and Heather on their bike trip down the Cuyuna Lakes trail.

While the rest of the crew went on that trail, Jake, Grant, Brody, Angie and I unloaded at the mountain bike single track trails for some fun :)

Here's Grant loving his ride down Bobsled!

And here's me on Bobsled ... obviously not going as fast ;) heh heh

After all the biking we headed back for camp for some more activities ;)

Grant and Jake watching Brody attempt kite boarding in the wind storm.


Ella playing on the playground - loving the slides, of course!

We packed two campers and four tents onto three campsites for the weekend :) lol

Suppertime with Grant ;)

Chris concocting something yummy for supper I'm sure ;) Suzette and Uncle Darrell scoping it out.

The Johnsons roasting some hot dogs.

Later that evening we celebrated Cody's birthday with a little DQ cake! Mmmm

Campfire! Grant, Brody, Angie, Me, Jake, Heather, Ella, Cody, Dad and Suzette (Mom might be in the camper at this point still propping up her sprained ankle that somehow happened on their bike ride).

We love camping!

Thanks for another fun weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fishing with Jeff and Catherine!

Another late post .... on August 21st Grant and I went fishing for the day with our friends Jeff and Catherine. We caught a lot of fish ... but a lot of them looked like this ... hehe

A slightly bigger one for Jeff...

We had a really fun time just hanging out on the lake and relaxing ... and eating a lot of snacks ;)

Thanks for taking us with - let's do it again soon!

Ella's 2nd Birthday Party!

I'm slightly behind on some blog posts so have to get a couple caught up! Back on August 20th we attended Ella's 2nd birthday party at the Stanleys!

Gramma Rosie, Grant and Cody visiting

Suzette and Marilyn dishing up some pizza for lunch!

The birthday girl with her cake - hehe :)

The Stanleys

Jake, Cody and Uncle Darrell

Mom/Gramma Vickie

Birthday Cake! Gramma Rosie, Chris, Ella, Renee and Steve

Forgot to take a picture with the birthday girl and me ... darn!


She loved the purse from Great Gramma Hazel

Robert, Paul and Emma watching the present opening

Spectators from the deck watching Ella try out her last gift ...

A new swingset and slide from Gramma and Grampa Hinnenkamp, the Stanleys and us! Grampa Marv checking it out with her.

Ella loves to slide :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ella!!!

The Tetons and Heading for Home

Finally finishing up our trip posts almost two weeks after we arrived back :) On September 8th we woke up to a nice day at Grand Teton Park RV Resort. We had breakfast at their new restaurant. Mmmm I had eggs and toast with a ton of butter and Grant, of course, had biscuits and gravy :) We wandered around to check out the updates they've done since we worked there over 5 years ago!

The moose out front ;) Tetons are in the background but hard to see from the hazy skies from fires.

Hazy Tetons

New paint job

After visiting with everyone we headed out to start the rest of the trek home.

Driving over Togwotee Pass - lots of road work going on. Tetons in the background.

Love those mountains :)

We drove to somewhere near Rapid City, SD and slept at a rest area that night. Then on Friday we drove the rest of the way and made it home sometime that evening. We just worked on unpacking that evening and then Saturday we did a bunch of cleaning and mowing, etc to get re-situated. It was a great trip but it was also nice to be home and sleep in our own bed again :) Now on to planning the next trip!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Four Wheeling Adventure with the Boyers then onto the Tetons!

We stayed another night at the Boyers and got up early to go for another four wheeler ride before making our way to our next destination.

A cute little waterfall along the road shortly after we unloaded

Exploring the little creek and waterfall

Another gorgeous day!

We didn't have a definite destination today because Larry hadn't been on this trail before so we just picked a trail to make our way up farther into the hills. The trails were really rocky and there were a few spots that were kinda tough to get up :)

Made it up to a spot with a nice view

Grant and Larry discussing something

Elkhorn Peak (there was a sign pointing that direction so we figured this must be it ;)

From that spot we turned around and started back towards the truck. We got a little ways down and turned off on a different trail just to check it out. We came up to some downed trees and the guys decided we should move them. Here's their first attempt :)

And then another attempt a little more serious. LOL! Grant's supposed to be on the back to add some weight ;) It looked like they were both going to fly off!

After four wheeling we went back to town and packed up. It was a really great couple days hanging out with the Boyers and we really appreciate the hospitality!! Then we started back on the road again this time headed for the Tetons.

View of the Tetons from the Driggs side - you can barely see the peaks in the middle behind the darker hills - it was hazy from some fires.

Coming down the Jackson side of Teton Pass - first time we've gone over that pass - it was really pretty!

Yay! The familiar view of the Tetons :) Leaving Jackson on our way to our old stomping grounds in Moran!! We stayed the night in a little cabin at GTPRV (Harry's place) and went out to eat with Harry, Connie and Ernie before calling it a night!
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