Saturday, August 27, 2011

West Bound!

After a slight delay at Grant's work yesterday we were finally on the road around quarter after 6 for our road trip west! We like the west :) It's always a good thing when all the road signs say we're headed west. We stopped at the DQ for a little birthday blizzard celebration (Grant turned 28 :) and drove about 6 hours to the west side of Bismark, ND. That's right, the west side. Good side to be on for our road trip west. heh heh.

We found a truck stop out of town a ways so there was a place to park where the flourescent lights weren't quite so bright for our night of camping in the Vibe ;) We slept alright - woke up to a storm and I thought the Vibe might actually tip over from the wind. But, it stayed upright and this morning we didn't even wake up right away when the sun came up like I thought we would! Filled up with some gas and got on the road again about 8am CST. We crossed the Montana border just a bit ago so we're making progress! Destination 1: Glacier National Park to visit Ed. We should make it there this evening if all goes as planned!

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