Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Driving to Yakima, WA

We left Glacier National Park this morning around 8am and said goodbye and thanks to Ed and Diane - we had a great time visiting! We took the Going-to-the-Sun road to check out the views over Logan Pass on our way (without a camera). Once we got to the other side of the park we stopped at Kalispell and bought ourselves a new camera. Then, it was farther south on hwy 93 along Flathead Lake to Elmo where we headed west on 28 to hit I-90. It was a beautiful drive along the lake and through part of Lolo National Forest.

Flathead River and Lolo National Forest

The scenery was very pretty as we drove across the panhandle of Idaho and through Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Once we got into Washington it was pretty desert-y with lots of wheat fields. As we got closer to our destination we drove across the Columbia River and it was SUPER windy but pretty cool!!

ANNND ... when we got close to Yakima ... we saw this!

That's Mt Rainier! Crazy how big it is!!

We went against our rules and found ourselves a campsite that we had to pay for at the Yakima State Park - but it was getting later and we just wanted to get camp set up and not have to search for a spot. It was a nice place ... despite the little black and white striped 'kitties' as my aunt would call them ;) yeah ... there were a ton of skunks at this place. Seriously ... the ranger dudes drove by at one point and one ran in front of them and they were like ... oh yeah keep your food put away cuz we have a lot of those guys. And then shortly after we saw another one run across the road! yikes! luckily none of them sprayed our stuff ... but there was one perched watching us as we got ready to go to bed ... I thought for sure he was going to spray us ;) It was a good day :)

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