Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Clotho Ice Cream Social!

We spent the weekend in Clotho for the annual Ice Cream Social! We made ice cream on Saturday - it rained a lot but there were tents up and we managed! The ice cream actually froze pretty quickly because it wasn't so hot and humid as usual.

Molly at her usual egg-cracking station.

Clark stirring the ice up around the ice cream maker. The guys are usually outside with the ice cream makers and the ladies are usually inside mixing up the ingredients :)

Grant looking like he's doing something ;) but, was he really? And, it looks like Dave and Gary are in the back supervising!

Kali mixing up another batch.

The day of the social turned out to be great weather and there was an awesome turn out!

Sam scooping up some ice cream!

All the homemade pies!

Molly visiting and filling up water and coffee.

Grant ... we're never really sure what he's doing ;)

The Grey Eagle crew came out for some pie and ice cream. Here's Korinna and Jeff, Mike and Mom ... the Bitz's were there too but they were off visiting with someone.

It was another successful social!

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  1. Nice posting job, as usual, Ashley Jean! Really do enjoy keeping up with the younger Schnells! Mom Marla


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