Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Landscaping Project #3 - Flower Garden in the Front Yard

We're getting to be pros at this landscaping stuff ;) After our first two projects, we started a new flower garden in the front yard. And, we had to tag team this one cuz Grant had to work late. So, he dug most of it out in the morning and I finished most of it up in the evening. I don't have a 'before' pic cuz I wasn't around when Grant started digging but just imagine a bunch of dirt where they installed our new septic and we can't seem to get any grass to grow because everytime we drag it and re-seed it there's another storm and it downpours and washes it all out. Super. :)

... so here's what I got for 'before'... which is actually after we dug it out and put the fabric down :)

And sort of an after shot!

I had to wait to plant the hostas until Grant got home so I knew where the wires were and didn't dig into them :) And by that time it was too dark for pictures. But, this one is still a work in progress anyways because I'm going to add more perennials to this one too for some color.

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