Sunday, July 24, 2011

Landscaping Project #1 - Behind the House

This weekend we decided to start on some landscaping projects! We started behind the house. All the overgrown plants have been bugging me since we moved in so this isn't a true 'before' picture since we'd already taken out some overgrown bushes and weeded the whole thing ... but here ya go:

Those gigantic lillies on the left needed to go! And before the whole right side was covered with gigantic bushes. Not pretty.

We really didn't know what we were doing ;) But, we got the flowers dug out, leveled it all, and put the landscape fabric down and the edging in!

Jake and Grant starting to scoop rocks.

Filling in outside the edging. FYI I did help with this but was the only one who took pictures ;) I scooped most of those rocks - just ask Grant!

YAYYY!!!! Sooooo much better :) And no weeding required!! Oh and we did keep most of the tiger lillies - just planted them in the back garden and gave some to Suzette. Thanks so much for all the help, Jake! And, thanks for the rocks, Rondo and Vicki!!! Annnnd thank you Darrell and Suzette for letting us borrow your truck :)

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