Sunday, July 17, 2011

Building a Single Track Mountain Biking Trail ... at our house ;)

The guys have been talking about making a single track trail in our little patch of woods beside our shed for awhile, but I didn't think they'd actually do it ;) Then, on Saturday night (on the hottest, most humid day of the summer) Luke and Evan came out to start making the trail ;) They're crazy!

Making more progress on Sunday! Time to try it out. Luke, Evan and Grant.

It was soooooo hot and humid (heat index has been around 100-115) when I brought my camera out that the lens fogged up and I couldn't get it to stop. So you'll get the full effect of the heat wave with these foggy pictures. Seriously, it was so hot the guys were DRENCHED in sweat. I thought they had sprayed themselves with the hose. But, no, it was all sweat.

Grant trying it out.

Nice work, guys ;)


  1. That is nice work and now the woods is cleared somewhat. It is a multipurpose trail the way it looks.

  2. yeah you could go for a walk in there ;) or in the winter we figure it can be a snowshoe/ski trail :) they built a ramp thing on the trail now and are going to add some more 'features' to it eventually


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