Thursday, July 28, 2011

Landscaping Project #4 - Front of the House

Another spot in the yard that's been bugging me is the front of the house. And, landscaping it sort of went along with the other projects. See those gigantic tiger lillies in the front? Well, they got moved to another garden in the back. And then I was able to dig the hosta that was under the bush and lillies out and move it so it was centered between the other bushes :)

Here's before:

And here's after (don't mind the tacky hose reel - we need it in the front temporarily to try to get our grass to grow where the septic was installed!).

Ahhh ... much better :) Still need to do something with that red bush though :) I think it'll get cut off at the ground this fall and let it re-grow next spring so it looks nicer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Landscaping Project #3 - Flower Garden in the Front Yard

We're getting to be pros at this landscaping stuff ;) After our first two projects, we started a new flower garden in the front yard. And, we had to tag team this one cuz Grant had to work late. So, he dug most of it out in the morning and I finished most of it up in the evening. I don't have a 'before' pic cuz I wasn't around when Grant started digging but just imagine a bunch of dirt where they installed our new septic and we can't seem to get any grass to grow because everytime we drag it and re-seed it there's another storm and it downpours and washes it all out. Super. :)

... so here's what I got for 'before'... which is actually after we dug it out and put the fabric down :)

And sort of an after shot!

I had to wait to plant the hostas until Grant got home so I knew where the wires were and didn't dig into them :) And by that time it was too dark for pictures. But, this one is still a work in progress anyways because I'm going to add more perennials to this one too for some color.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Landscaping Project #2 - Backyard Flower Garden

Our second project was a flower garden in the backyard. There were lots of random flowers planted in the grass around our yard when we moved in like this:

Which made mowing kind of a pain. So, we decided to make it into a flower garden that would be easier to mow around (bordering our vegetable garden which we didn't plant this year cuz we didn't have it ready).

And the 'after' pic ... well maybe this is still an in-progress pic cuz I gotta get some more perennials to plant in here that bloom at different times :) But, it's progress!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Landscaping Project #1 - Behind the House

This weekend we decided to start on some landscaping projects! We started behind the house. All the overgrown plants have been bugging me since we moved in so this isn't a true 'before' picture since we'd already taken out some overgrown bushes and weeded the whole thing ... but here ya go:

Those gigantic lillies on the left needed to go! And before the whole right side was covered with gigantic bushes. Not pretty.

We really didn't know what we were doing ;) But, we got the flowers dug out, leveled it all, and put the landscape fabric down and the edging in!

Jake and Grant starting to scoop rocks.

Filling in outside the edging. FYI I did help with this but was the only one who took pictures ;) I scooped most of those rocks - just ask Grant!

YAYYY!!!! Sooooo much better :) And no weeding required!! Oh and we did keep most of the tiger lillies - just planted them in the back garden and gave some to Suzette. Thanks so much for all the help, Jake! And, thanks for the rocks, Rondo and Vicki!!! Annnnd thank you Darrell and Suzette for letting us borrow your truck :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Building a Single Track Mountain Biking Trail ... at our house ;)

The guys have been talking about making a single track trail in our little patch of woods beside our shed for awhile, but I didn't think they'd actually do it ;) Then, on Saturday night (on the hottest, most humid day of the summer) Luke and Evan came out to start making the trail ;) They're crazy!

Making more progress on Sunday! Time to try it out. Luke, Evan and Grant.

It was soooooo hot and humid (heat index has been around 100-115) when I brought my camera out that the lens fogged up and I couldn't get it to stop. So you'll get the full effect of the heat wave with these foggy pictures. Seriously, it was so hot the guys were DRENCHED in sweat. I thought they had sprayed themselves with the hose. But, no, it was all sweat.

Grant trying it out.

Nice work, guys ;)

Berries and Blooming Flowers

Around July 7th we found these yummy berries on our strawberry plants!

And these pretty day lillies (I think?) were blooming!

ANNNNND ... tasty raspberries!

Then, just today this cool flower bloomed!! Edit: I think it's some type of lily? And it's back to the left of our vegetable garden.

It's so fun to have a backyard with berries and pretty flowers growing :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gramma Hazel's 96th Birthday!

The Stanleys and the Schnells went down to visit Gramma Hazel to celebrate her 96th birthday!!
Heather, Gramma, Ella, Me

We visited with Gramma and she told us all about her birthday party the day before with the Bob, Penny, Sheryl and kids. We had picked up supper so ate with her and then had cupcakes!
Grant loves cupcakes. Especially chocolate ones. He also likes to crack jokes and make Gramma laugh ;)

Gramma gave Ella the rest of her cupcake after Ella had already eaten hers. After cupcakes, Ella was practicing her 'jumping' and making us all laugh.

We love Gramma!

And the Stanleys do too!

Happy 96th Birthday!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July at Little Birch!

We spent the Fourth of July weekend at the cabin on Little Birch. The weather was gorgeous so a lot of water activities went on all weekend along with lots of relaxing and eating ;)

Me, Heather and Ella on the dock.

Mom and her leatherback turtle she caught! Quite the turtle hunter she is.

The little aluminum boat and Evinrude motor even got lots of use ;)

There was also lots of water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, swimming and, of course, fishing that went on!

Brody and Angie came out for a visit so Brody showed us his kiting skills on Monday.
Summit, Jake and I ridin in the little boat to watch.

I guess the take-off conditions weren't the best so they improvised by getting on the jet ski to go out into the lake farther.

Getting situated.

And he's off.

Fun! See the cabin straight back too?

Thanks for a great weekend, everyone!
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