Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plowing Our Gardens!

So the inside of our new house is sort of in order ... but our yard ... not so much. It needs work. There are random flowers growing randomly everywhere. There are bushes growing out of control. Flowers growing in bushes. LOTS and LOTS of weeds growing in the gardens. Dead plants from last year still covering the garden. Weeds overgrowing in the dog kennel. And many more things that need tidying.
Soooo the Wiebers ever-so-nicely said they would come over and plow up our garden to help us get started! I had tried to tackle a little corner of the garden and start pulling weeds by hand but dude, there were just so many. And we had borrowed a friends' tiller but it couldn't even bust through the weeds and dead plants and rock hard ground. So, we took the Wiebers up on the offer of plowing with a tractor and two-bottom plow!

Oliver, Grant and Kory unloading the equipment.

See that jungle Grant's walking through? Yeah that's the garden and those are weeds.

Kory flattening out the funky hills that were in the back of the garden. They were big half circles - no one could figure out what they were for. Indian burial ground was the best guess.

It's looking more level and less weedy!

Now it's time for the plow.

Yay! I see nice black garden dirt :)

My goddaughter Massey enjoying the action :)

Avery and Oliver playin in the yard (doesn't Sandy have the cutest kiddos?)!

I don't think this garden had been dug up for a LONG time.

Sandy and kids. You can see the back garden in this pic already dug up.

After they were done digging around in the gardens the boys tackled a few other projects. That's Grant up in the tree with Kory driving the skidloader.

Massey and Me!

Woo hoo!!!! A weed-free garden! That's a patch of raspberries towards the middle that we salvaged. We're not going to plant this year cuz it's a little late but we'll keep it weeded the rest of the summer and plant next spring!

Thanks so much for all your help, Sandy, Kory and kids!!

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