Friday, June 3, 2011

Jake's High School Graduation!

Can you believe Jake graduated from high school already?! It wasn't very long ago when Heather and I were babysitting him when he was just a lil guy. So crazy! Dad and I joined Darrell, Suzette and Cody to watch him get his diploma!

Walking in.

He's over on the left.

There he is - the tall one - second one in from the left. I couldn't get my camera to focus very well in the gym.

Getting his diploma!

Tanner, Cody and Jake.

The Hinnenkamps - Darrell, Cody, Jake and Suzette.

Jake and Me!

Gramma Rosie and Jake.

Jake and his godparents: Vicki and Marv.

Jake and his parents :)

Congratulations, Jaker! We knew you could do it :)

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