Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jake's Grad Party

Jake's high school graduation was Friday night and his grad party was the next afternoon. Grant and I headed to the Hinnenkamps after volunteering at the Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm which was at Schefers this year (practically our neighbors).

Suzette visiting.

The high school grad and his cake ;)

Cards and pics.

Suzette with some family members.

Some of the Hinnenkamp crew. Danna, Mom, Grant, Gramma Rosie, Olivia, Vicki and Renee.

Ella playing with the baby kitties!

Dad visiting.

The crowd.

Rick getting ready to launch some bowling balls out of that cannon on the right.

Marla and I chatting.

The bowling ball fetchers: Steve, Danna and Grant.

Ahhh ... a father and son moment ;) Grant and Gary.

Ella heading back to the barn to see the cows and kitties. That's one of Jake's coats from when he was a lil boy ;)

Ella and Me ... Mom and Dad were babysitting for the weekend so she was chillin' with all of us. I tried to get some closeups of her face because she was covered in dirt but they didn't turn out :) I figured her parents might want to see how dirty she was ... or maybe it's best they don't!

Self portrait!

Congrats again, Jake!

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  1. Heh heh, LOVE the pic of Ella in Jakey's coat :)


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