Monday, May 30, 2011

Putting in the Dock and Planting Mike's Garden

We had a productive weekend working on projects at the cabin and at Mike's!

Grant getting the dock project started.

Mike arrived with the fourwheeler to help.

The rest of the crew conveniently showed up after Jake, Grant, Mike and I pretty much had the dock in ;) heh heh. Mike, Jake, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Suzette, Grant and Cody.

Look at that adorable orphan kitty the neighbors had. The little guy and it's brother didn't have a mama so Suzette adopted them! How cute!

Next task: pick rocks and plant the garden at Mikes! Mom, Dad, Grant and Suzette.

Starting to plant! Mike, Dad and Cody.

Cody took over the planting job.

Uncle Darrell and Grant 'stupid-vising.'

Uncle Darrell and Dad making the rows.

Not really sure what Mom's up to?!

Things are getting serious here.

Jake ... whatcha planting over there?!

On break checking on the kitties.

Kisses from the baby kitties for me :)

Almost done!

Those kitties are so stinkin cute.

Time to plant the tomatoes.. Mom, Mike, Me, Jake and Cody.

Let the growing begin!

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