Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Before and After: Fireplace Room

The start of the 'before, during and after' posts ... :)

Here's the fireplace room when we got our keys on April 1st! Jake and Uncle Darrell scoping it out.

Another 'before' shot of the other side of the room.

Starting some projects!

Taping and mudding the new little corner of sheet rock where there was some frost damage. Grant and Cody are causing trouble as usual.

Starting to paint! Me, Mom, Grant and part of Dad ;)

After painting and tearing up the carpet!

Chipping away the cement bump so it's level for laminate (we found out from the neighbor who built the house that this room was originally a one stall garage)!

Looking out the front window after tearing the carpet out.

And it's done!!!

Well except that dang corner ;) oh and behind that mirror is the electrical box if you're wondering ;)

Yay! We love it :) Thanks for everyone's help!

And a pic after we moved our stuff in!

Complete with kitties and all ;)

So much better than this before pic!

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  1. Oh yes that is soooo much better!!!!


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