Monday, May 30, 2011

Putting in the Dock and Planting Mike's Garden

We had a productive weekend working on projects at the cabin and at Mike's!

Grant getting the dock project started.

Mike arrived with the fourwheeler to help.

The rest of the crew conveniently showed up after Jake, Grant, Mike and I pretty much had the dock in ;) heh heh. Mike, Jake, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Suzette, Grant and Cody.

Look at that adorable orphan kitty the neighbors had. The little guy and it's brother didn't have a mama so Suzette adopted them! How cute!

Next task: pick rocks and plant the garden at Mikes! Mom, Dad, Grant and Suzette.

Starting to plant! Mike, Dad and Cody.

Cody took over the planting job.

Uncle Darrell and Grant 'stupid-vising.'

Uncle Darrell and Dad making the rows.

Not really sure what Mom's up to?!

Things are getting serious here.

Jake ... whatcha planting over there?!

On break checking on the kitties.

Kisses from the baby kitties for me :)

Almost done!

Those kitties are so stinkin cute.

Time to plant the tomatoes.. Mom, Mike, Me, Jake and Cody.

Let the growing begin!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Grant and I love to walk around our new yard and see what's blooming :) Here's some of what we saw today ...

A bush in our front yard had these cute little flowers :) I don't know what all the bushes/shrubs/flowers are yet :)

Apple tree blossoms!

Strawberry blossoms!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party in the Pines!

After Grant and I got ourselves somewhat settled in our new place we invited everyone out for a little 'Party in the Pines!'

Some slacklining took place. Here's Ben, Cody and Jake trying it out.

Also some spectating took place. Dave, Marla, Jake, Angie, Chris, Amity and Molly.

Amity and Al made the trek up to visit! So great to see you two :)

And Bri and her fam came too! Here's Molly, Kendra and Briana.

The Kalinas came to check out the place - that's Britt sticking her tongue out ;) and Peg and Luke all talking to Jess.

Marilyn, Paul and Uncle Darrell having some snacks and watching the activities.

Marilyn and Ella playing ball while Heather, Suzette and Mom watch.

hehe ... Jess teaching Ben how to slack line.

My attempt - I'm a little rusty.

Grant does this on a daily basis. He always was lucky.

Evan's turn.

Brody the slackline pro.

And of course some lumberjack games! Cody taking Grant on.

Chris, Gary, Auntie Diane and Uncle Karl visiting.

Marla chatting with Ben and Jess.

Clark and Grant being dorks as usual.

Someone started a bonfire and also told Grant to shotgun a beer. Two things he likes and isn't going to turn down ;) That's a gigantic Foster's beer he's about to shotgun. And yes he did finish it and later was talking about it and said 'Fosters: Italian for beer.' haha! pretty sure the beer had gotten to him. That's not Italian, silly ;) Oh and that's Evan, Jake, Angie and Brody cheering him on.

Chillin by the fire.

LOL. Serious faces? These two aren't very convincing ;)

Late night snack - Grant manning the grill being assisted by Clark, Jake and Al.

Mom, Uncle Darrell, Me, Amity and Molly waiting for the food.

Shortly after this we were all sitting around the fire and felt a few sprinkles. The storm seemed to be moving in on us from both sides but it was missing us so far. When we felt the sprinkles though most of us packed up and headed inside. Except Kory and Sandy ;) They were determined to withstand the rain. And then .... it started to downpour. haha! They ran for the house ... with the cooler in tow ... and were completely soaked when they got there ;) But they didn't want to leave the beer behind!! Too funny. We had a great time - thanks everyone for coming!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it

We all headed to Clotho to spend the weekend for Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it. This year was the 10 year celebration so there were prizes, fun and lots of food as usual!

Mom, Ella, Chris and Heather.

The same crew - Mom and I switched places.

Registration was indoors this year - the weather was a little chilly, windy and rainy.

Grant chatting with Jess, Molly and Clark.

I ran the 5k.

Heather ran the 10k.

All done running! Heather, Ella, Me, Marla.

and Mom biked the 15 mile bike ride! Grant did too but apparently we didn't get a picture of him.

Can't wait to do it again next year!
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