Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend 2 of House Projects!

After the first weekend of house projects we continued to work on things throughout the week. One evening the Hinnenkamp crew came over to put another coat on the troublesome corner. Only problem was Grant had the key to the shed where the taping/mudding supplies were. So, we sent the troops in another way ;)

Friday evening we worked on getting the paint off the trim that had gotten past our tape.

We also had a birthday party!

Jake and Me. Can you believe my 'lil brother' is already 18??? Ahh my buddy's all grown up :'( umm and he's wayyyy taller than me ... when did you get so tall, Jake??

Grant, Gary, Jake and Chris taking a break.

Hmmm how to cut the cake? Dad, Chris, Mike, Me, Cody, Ella and Mom.

Mmm Ella likes birthday cake!
Mom, Dad, Ella and Cody

Saturday was dedicated to installing laminate in the fireplace room. We also hauled our appliances over and Heather and Chris went to get their new patio furniture while Mom and Dad's trailer was around!

Marla and I hanging out with Ella while her parents were gone.

Jake and I putting Ella's new trike together!

I slacked on taking pictures of the laminate installing but Jake, Uncle Darrell, Grant and Gary did an awesome job! Here they are finishing up on Sunday.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped!! We really appreciate it and love our new home!!

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