Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painting and Projects at our New House!

Once we finally closed on our house we spent the whole weekend working on it :) Friday night we prepped for painting.

Suzette taking vents and light fixtures down.

Suzette taping while I putty holes.

Cody assisting with the taping and hole puttying.

There was a slight frost issue in the corner of the fireplace room from being closed up all winter so we had to fix that before we could paint.

Here's Grant looking for studs ... hard to find any around our house ;) j/k! hehe

Dad Gary and Uncle Darrell getting in on the corner fixing.

Taking down the funky bamboo blinds.

Saturday morning we finished up the prep work. Here's Chris taping up the bathroom ;)

Let the painting begin!

Grant rolling on some primer while Mom Marla supervises (she knows him well - he needs a lot of supervision :).

Mom and Suzette ...partying in the closet? Peace

Wait a minute ... now Grant's supervising Heather? This isn't right ...

With all the awesome help we had all weekend we primed the entire house on Saturday and even painted the whole ceiling!

Heather, Tom, Bear, Uncle Darrell, Dad and Cody

Uncle Darrell working on the ceiling!

Then on Sunday we started with some colors.

Suzette and Mom Marla painting the edges.

We even got the carpet tore out of the fireplace room to prep for the laminate! Here's Suzette, Dad and Gary working on that project.

There was an uneven spot where they had made a little ramp with cement so we had to chip that out so it was level for laminate.

Here's Dad Gary working on that.

It was a successful weekend of projects! Thank you SOOOOO much to everyone who helped!!!! We really appreciate it :) More pics to come soon...

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