Friday, April 1, 2011

New Homeowners!

AHHHHH!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Grant and I closed on our new home :) It was a long, stressful process but it finally happened. There were lots of obstacles to get by but we got the keys at the very last minute (almost 5pm) today (Friday - April Fool's Day)!

It was such a crazy day (week actually)! Since about a month ago we had switched our closing date to April 1st instead of April 5th. Everything was going smoothly (after overcoming a few other obstacles like the septic needing to be upgraded so we had to escrow for it, etc) and we were set to close at 8am Friday morning, April 1st. Wednesday rolled around and we were informed that Rural Development (the loan program we are doing) was running behind and there was a chance we might not close Friday. By that time we had already lined everyone up to help over the weekend since we thought we were in the clear to close on Friday. So, we got a little worried. We started making phone calls, our realtor and lender started making phone calls, but we couldn't get through to anyone at RD and we were told there was nothing we could do but sit and wait. So, we sat and waited and stressed a lot.

Thursday came around and we still didn't really have any update. Keep in mind it was also month end and work is busy and we didn't know when we'd need off work so our usual well-planned lives were up in the air. We were getting slightly frustrated that 'there was nothing we could do.' Grant looked up the number for RD and started calling anyone he could get ahold of. Turns out he called Washington DC and they gave him a number in Missouri and finally he got the number for RD in Minnesota :) hahaa. He left a voicemail with someone there but never got a return call. Thursday came and went and we got a call from our lender at 9:30pm that night saying we still didn't know if we'd be able to close Friday but for sure it wasn't happening at 8am. So, now we were hoping for 4pm.

Seriously!!! We just want the keys so we can carry on with all our plans for the weekend. On Friday we were supposed to get updates on the progress at noon and 2:30pm. Noon came and went and I get a call around quarter after from our lender saying he was just on the phone with RD and they are now working on the files that were submitted the day ours was. But, they couldn't tell us where ours was in the stack and they have to process them in the order they received them. Our lender mentioned our name hoping that would trigger something so they'd get on it and get'er done!! But, still we didn't know anything.

Then, 2:30pm came and at that point I figured we weren't getting our keys that day anymore. I knew Grant would have to leave Onamia by 3pm if he was going to make it for a 4pm closing. By 2:45 I was wondering what the heck was going on and feeling like there was no way it could still happen ... and then I got a call. It was our lender and he had gotten an email from RD about our file so he knew they were working on it! But, there was a problem. Something was missing from the appraiser saying that the land wasn't income producing and that it couldn't be subdivided. SHOOT! So, they contacted the appraiser and they started working on those things. In the meantime I was to alert Grant and tell him to get his butt to St Cloud in case the closing was going to happen at 4pm. And, I was supposed to meet our realtor at the house to do a final walk through. But, we still didn't have final approval so still didn't know if we'd even be able to close. SO CRAZY! I met our realtor at the house and Grant was on his way from Onamia. We did the walk through and everything looked fine. The realtor and I headed for the abstract place where the closing was supposed to happen still not know if it would or not. We showed up shortly after 4pm and Grant was there. We went in and they still hadn't received final approval so we sat and waited and ate several pieces of their chocolate (Grant also stashed some in his pocket to 'get his money's worth' haha!). Finally a lady walked in and asked if we were the Schnells and she said 'we're good to go! I got the approval!' Since it was April Fools Day, and after all the other commotion and things not happening, none of us really got excited - we just sat there and Grant just said 'you're joking?' She said nope and we got to go back to the meeting room and sign lots and lots of papers and GET THE KEYS TO OUR NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG .... I thought it was never going to happen. It was so crazy!!!!!!!! And we were running around like crazy that day not knowing what was really going on. It didn't seem real when we were there signing everything. We actually own a house!! Even the next day working on things and painting, etc we felt like we were working on someone else's house ;) But, by Sunday when the entire house had a coat of primer and some paint on (thanks to our awesome friends and family who helped SO much the whole weekend!) and things were starting to come together it was feeling more and more like ours. Yayyyyyyy!!!!! What a crazy ordeal - I'm sure glad that's over with and we can work on moving in to our NEW HOME!

I'll post lots more pics soon ... some before and after ones as we re-paint and get new flooring, etc!


  1. Congrats being a homeowner is so exciting and worth all the stress.

  2. love this story! maybe you shouldn't have picked april fool's day as the closing date. ;o)

    ha--i totally filled my pockets with the candy at the closing place when we closed on our house. heh heh. i forgot about that.

  3. Looks like a nice place. Excited to see more pics. Congrats!


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