Saturday, April 16, 2011


Once we had most of the big projects done around the house we moved all our stuff in! First, we went and watched Heather run her first half marathon. Grant and I unloaded our bikes and met her at a few places along the route to cheer her on!

Grant and I getting on our bikes.

Go Heather! That's her - the girl wearing the red shirt next to the really tall guy in blue.

Woo hoo!

After the race we picked up a bunch of pizzas for lunch and headed to our townhome to load up.

Uncle Darrell, Cody and Gary hauling stuff!

It's all loaded up! Grant, Chris, Jake, Mom and Marla.

Marla sent me some of her pics from moving day! Here's Grant and I with Mom and Dad's truck and trailer arriving at the new house (thank you for letting us borrow it)! Jake's directing traffic :)

Yay! We're home!

Mom unloading.

Chris, Gary and Jake unloading.

Grant and Jake - you never know what they're doing ;)

Me unpacking.

So exciting to finally be in our new home! Another thank you to everyone who helped move!!!!

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