Thursday, April 28, 2011

Babysitting Ella

Heather and Chris went on vacation for a week so we watched Ella! We had so much fun :) Here are just a few pics from the week...

So smiley in the morning :)

She learned the kitties' names!

She loved her new rain boots even though they were too big.

Supper time!

Down by the river watching Uncle Grant kayak.

There he goes ...

Ella, Angie and I trekked through the woods to our usual watching spot on a big rock. We had to 'pass the baby' a couple spots but we all made it! hehe. We took the stairs in someone's yard on the way up - much easier ;) Here's Brody, Grant, Angie and Summit.

Me and Ella!

All of us! Ella wasn't really into looking at the camera ;)

We had a really fun week!!

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