Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paddlefest 2011

Grant and I headed up to Sandstone, MN to enjoy the Paddlefest festivities again this year! It was raining when we set up camp ...

But later the sun came out!
Ang and I getting ready to raft down the river! I thought Ang might kill me for wanting to go :)

Weeeee! It was sooo much fun!! Even Angie said so :)

Grant kayaking.

More kayaking.

Evan, Luke and Grant.

And for supper the traditional Tamale Pie dutch oven meal!! Here are Ang and Grant checking the status.

A fun weekend as always in Sandstone!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Kitty's Second Birthday!

Our baby kitties turned two today! So they got a special birthday meal ... they loved it :) Look how cute they are!

Here they are a year ago when they turned one!

And here's when we very first got them when they were babies!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Babysitting Ella

Heather and Chris went on vacation for a week so we watched Ella! We had so much fun :) Here are just a few pics from the week...

So smiley in the morning :)

She learned the kitties' names!

She loved her new rain boots even though they were too big.

Supper time!

Down by the river watching Uncle Grant kayak.

There he goes ...

Ella, Angie and I trekked through the woods to our usual watching spot on a big rock. We had to 'pass the baby' a couple spots but we all made it! hehe. We took the stairs in someone's yard on the way up - much easier ;) Here's Brody, Grant, Angie and Summit.

Me and Ella!

All of us! Ella wasn't really into looking at the camera ;)

We had a really fun week!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter and Painting the Garage!

On Easter weekend Marla and Gary came over to help us paint the garage and have supper together!

Grant working on the edges.

Gary looks pretty excited to be painting ;)

Kind of a disaster in there while we painted ...

How many Schnells does it take to paint a door?!

Marla working on a wall.

Grant gettin more paint.

It looks so nice with a new coat of paint!! Thanks so much for all your help :) Hmm I should probably take an 'after pic.' That'll come soon ...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before and After: Our Bedroom

The last one of the rooms in the house that we repainted - our bedroom! Here it is when we got our keys:

View from the door.

After some primer.

And a little color!

Got rid of the old carpet.

Here it is all finished!

Before and After: Extra Bedroom

The extra bedroom after we had prepped for painting on April 2nd.

View from the doorway.

After a little primer and the tan paint.

Another view after primer and the tan color.

A chocolate brown accent wall!

Then we tore out the carpet and took the tape off.

New carpet!

It's finished!

Before and After: Office

This room was fondly known as the room from hell while we were working on the house ;) I didn't get a very good before or during pic but here's what I got. The paint on the walls was glossier than in the rest of the house so the primer pretty much just dripped off of it. Bad news. We got it fixed though after doing some scraping and re-priming.

After getting the paint to stick ;)

With the new carpet!

And with some stuff moved in!

Before and After: Bathroom

Our bathroom on April 1st ...

Some ugly brass lights above the vanity.

Voila! Thanks to Heather's blog reading she suggested we paint the ugly brass fixtures with this nice color. And, for my bday she got me these pretty new globes for the lights!

Newly painted bathroom!

With some new towel bars and a kitty in the window! They love their new house :)

Before and After: Family Room

Here's our family room on April 1st when we got our keys!!

That evening puttying and taping.

After a layer of new paint!

With an accent wall painted... and repainted light fixtures with new globes reinstalled (thanks, Heather and Chris!). And the carpet torn out!

Other side of the room repainted.

New carpet!!

New carpet!

After moving all our junk in ;) That green chair's going to get a makeover too ...

Another view after we moved in showing the re-done shadow boxes and light fixtures!

Now with a new door and after we're more settled ...

Thanks AGAIN for everyone's help :)
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