Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annual Vintage Snowmobile Ride

Grant and I headed over to the Hinnenkamps for another vintage snowmobile ride this year! We had a blast - those things are so funny to ride!

Grant and Jake getting things tuned up ;)

Cody waiting and waiting for when everyone else will FINALLY be ready!

Uncle Darrell just doing Uncle Darrell things ;) He looks pretty excited to ride!

Grant in his vintage get-up. Yeah, I did marry him. What a nerd.

Trying a little hill climbing. LOL! You gotta watch this one.

So funny.

More hill climbing.

Roasting some hot dogs out in the woods! Suzette, Cody, Jaker, Uncle Darrell.

More hill climbing. There's Cody stuck part way up. I got stuck a little higher than that soon after ;) BUT I did have the climbing machine on another hill no one else could make it up!

Cody and Jake

Suzette observing the action ;)

Thanks for the ride, everyone!! Can't wait till next year :)

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