Monday, February 28, 2011

A Day in the Snow with Ella!

Heather, Ella, Bear and I got all dressed up and played out in the snow!

hehee oh Ella you're so cute :)

Me and my little buddy! Doesn't she look excited to play in the snow?

She had a fun time riding around in the sled (actually a ski pulk ;)! She was a little scared at first but after she got used to it she was telling us to 'go gooo' and was giggling as we pulled her around.

Hmm what is all this white stuff?

Bear had a blast too!


A fun outing in the snow!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annual Vintage Snowmobile Ride

Grant and I headed over to the Hinnenkamps for another vintage snowmobile ride this year! We had a blast - those things are so funny to ride!

Grant and Jake getting things tuned up ;)

Cody waiting and waiting for when everyone else will FINALLY be ready!

Uncle Darrell just doing Uncle Darrell things ;) He looks pretty excited to ride!

Grant in his vintage get-up. Yeah, I did marry him. What a nerd.

Trying a little hill climbing. LOL! You gotta watch this one.

So funny.

More hill climbing.

Roasting some hot dogs out in the woods! Suzette, Cody, Jaker, Uncle Darrell.

More hill climbing. There's Cody stuck part way up. I got stuck a little higher than that soon after ;) BUT I did have the climbing machine on another hill no one else could make it up!

Cody and Jake

Suzette observing the action ;)

Thanks for the ride, everyone!! Can't wait till next year :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitty Toy ;)

I made the kitties a new toy ;) and Everest really loves it! All I did was put some of their toy balls into an empty cereal box and then sealed the end and made some holes in the side of the box. They are entertained for a long time trying to get the toys out!

The idea was inspired by a 'toy box' they got for Christmas from Heather and Chris that is kinda the same concept. They really like that thing too and when we stuff it full of their toys they eventually fish them all outta there.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mom Marla's Birthday!

Us kids all spent the weekend at the Schnells to celebrate Mom Marla's birthday!!

Grant, Dad Gary and Mom Marla getting ready for some cake!

Grant, Dad Gary, Mom Marla, Molly and Clark

Wait for it ...

LOL! Love this one :) Some classic Schnell faces here :)

Happy Birthday, Mom Marla!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A House?!

Grant and I have been watching for a house for quite awhile on and off. We've looked at several and made offers on a couple. And, just the other day we saw a new one listed so went to check it out!

It's a foreclosure so there are some things that need to be fixed but it's in good shape and is on 2.5 acres with trees

and a large pole shed

and single stall garage and big yard with no neighbors!!

Woo hoo! We have an accepted offer and our closing date should be April 5th if all goes as planned :) We may be home owners soon and you're all welcome any time to come visit! Needless to say my new excuse for not keeping up with the blog is all this house business... heh heh ... excuses excuses ...

Fireplace room.

Looking into the kitchen/family room from the fireplace room.

The 3 bedrooms are off the family room.

The biggest bedroom in the corner.

The kitchen. Minus the appliances ;)

Kitchen and doorway to the fireplace room.


Hopefully it all works out!
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