Monday, January 3, 2011

Snowmobiling the Snowy Range!

Christmas day after hanging out at the farm, a crew of us headed west for our annual snowmobiling trip! We stayed the night in South Dakota and made the rest of the trek to the Snowy Range in Wyoming the following day!

Our first day of riding getting ready to go in front of the double wide we spent the week in :) Uncle Darrell, Grant, Cody and Tanner.

The Ski Doo stuck again with Tanner!

What a gorgeous day! I was breaking trail down a logging road :) So much fun!

Jaker stuck with the Nitro - but he's still smiling! We love the mountains :)

Uncle Darrell tipped over trying to do some tricks ;) Cody, are you really helping??

Dad's havin fun!

Self portrait! Grant Walter and Me :)

Cody getting a turn to drive.

Suzette's having fun on a sunny day!

LOL! Look at those two dorks coming back from the lodge - Jaker and Granto.

View from the trail on day 2.

The sun was shining on Libby Flats! Tanner, Grant, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Jake and Cody.

I think this is looking over towards Lake Marie!

Cody, Me, Dad and Grant

So pretty!

Grant doing tricks for the camera

Doing a little backcountry riding.

Love that

Cuddling up for the evening ;) Grant, Jake and Me

Grant's having fun!

Dad too ;)

Taking a break ... why's everyone looking at the creek to the left?

Ohh cuz there's a Ski Doo down there!!

heh heh ... a little stuck down there

Hmm and then I had a little trouble navigating through some trees

Pretty sure Grant's going back down to help get the Ski Doo up the hill

Uncle Darrell and Cody scopin out the scenery

Jake having a fantastic time!

Mom giving the camera some funny looks

The whole crew stopped for lunch - Jake, my sled, Grant, Tanner, Mom, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Cody

See that creek back there to the left ... yeah I hit that and panicked and let off and then I was a little stuck ... note that there is also a tree in front of me ;)

What the heck, Mom? tehe ... there were definitely no creeks by your tree!

The last day our group got smaller because it was FREEZING cold. We only rode part of the day. Here's Jake, Grant, Uncle Darrell and Tanner.

It was another super fun trip to the MOUNTAINS!!!!

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