Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogger Slacker

So, I've been slacking at blogging lately. I think mostly because I started something new and it's been hogging up my blogging time :)

In December 2010 I decided to become a Norwex consultant! As if we need one more thing to do. But, the more I heard about the products, the more I liked them. And we've always wanted to have our own business so it seemed like a good fit.

So here's the sales pitch:
Norwex Enviro products are chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning products and certified personal care products. Save Money - Save Time - Improve Your Health & the Environment!

But then here's my story:
Norwex products are actually pretty cool. You don't need to use any bad chemicals to clean your home. The microfiber cloths have silver woven into them so when you wipe a surface with the cloths, they pick up 99% of the bacteria on the surface and then the bacteria can't survive with the silver so it starts to die and within 24 hours the cloth is 99% bacteria free! Pretty sweet :) You can clean your home with only water. And you can save yourself money because you don't have to buy all those chemicals and paper towels and whatever else you used to clean with. It'll also make the air in your home safer because you won't be putting harmful chemicals into it. Norwex also has some chemical free, non toxic cleaning solutions to use for stains, lime scale buildup, etc. And they have a line of certified organic personal care products.

So, that's my story about why I've been a terrible blogger lately. :) But check out my Norwex website here and my Norwex Facebook page (don't forget to 'like' it!) to see what I've been doing in place of blogging!!

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