Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthdays and More

So this post is a little delayed but I just swiped some pictures from Heather and thought I'd post!

For Heather and Chris's birthdays we all headed to Fuji steakhouse for supper! Here's Me, Ella, Grant, Paul and Eva.

Paul, Eva, Chris and Heather deciding what to have for dinner!

Fuji was pretty neat - the cook is right in front of you and does fun things while he's cooking ;) Here's Dad, Mom and Marilyn.

Here are just a couple random pics of Me and Ella hanging out :) I usually go over to the Stanley's a couple times a week to workout with Heather and play with Ella! And, of course, visit with Chris and Bear :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skiing with Heather!

A friend of ours needed a sub for ski patrol and since Grant was gone I asked Heather to come along! We had a good time making the rounds on the trails ;)

The trails in Quarry Park as the lights started to come on.

Heather trying out skiing for the first time in years she said ;)

We made it with only maybe a couple bruises! Thanks for coming along, Heather!

Weekend Fun in Park Rapids

Grant and I spent the weekend near Park Rapids at Rita and Rudy's house on the lake. We had a good time ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and just visiting with family!

The girls walking out to see how the guys are doing fishing.

Marla, Sarah and Nora peeking in to check on the fish status.

Grant and Rita. Probably discussing the lack of fish catching going on ;)

Rita sharing her plan of making a snowmobile track around the lake so Sarah and Nora can drive around ;)
Grant the fisherman.

I thought I'd try a little fishing too for the fun of it. So, I sat in the house watching and waiting. Grant got bored so went out to chat with the other people. All of a sudden a northern darted in and grabbed my lure. I didn't really know what to do so started reeling and yelling for Grant. It took him forever it seemed like so the fish was flopping around in the house by the time he got there to grab it ;) Heh heh. I don't think I've ever caught a fish this big so I didn't know what to do with it! I'm fine with grabbing sunnies or perch or whatever but not a big northern with their sharp teeth!

Grant helped me get it off the hook and later we filleted it. It turned out to be the only keeper we caught the whole day! We had a good time :) Thanks, Rita and Rudy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ski Patrol Volunteers ;)

Grant and I decided to do a little volunteering this year. So, we contacted Stearns County Parks and signed up to do ski patrol!

Here's me on one of our patrol nights at Mississippi River County Park just north of Sartell.

Grant's up ahead scoping out the conditions! We just have to report back some things like snow depth, temperature, number of cars in the lot, number of people we see on the trails, etc.

Grant enjoying the ski outing.

We also volunteered with the Stearns County Parks to do a couple other projects like a trail distances booklet for Mississippi River County Park. Fun times!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogger Slacker

So, I've been slacking at blogging lately. I think mostly because I started something new and it's been hogging up my blogging time :)

In December 2010 I decided to become a Norwex consultant! As if we need one more thing to do. But, the more I heard about the products, the more I liked them. And we've always wanted to have our own business so it seemed like a good fit.

So here's the sales pitch:
Norwex Enviro products are chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning products and certified personal care products. Save Money - Save Time - Improve Your Health & the Environment!

But then here's my story:
Norwex products are actually pretty cool. You don't need to use any bad chemicals to clean your home. The microfiber cloths have silver woven into them so when you wipe a surface with the cloths, they pick up 99% of the bacteria on the surface and then the bacteria can't survive with the silver so it starts to die and within 24 hours the cloth is 99% bacteria free! Pretty sweet :) You can clean your home with only water. And you can save yourself money because you don't have to buy all those chemicals and paper towels and whatever else you used to clean with. It'll also make the air in your home safer because you won't be putting harmful chemicals into it. Norwex also has some chemical free, non toxic cleaning solutions to use for stains, lime scale buildup, etc. And they have a line of certified organic personal care products.

So, that's my story about why I've been a terrible blogger lately. :) But check out my Norwex website here and my Norwex Facebook page (don't forget to 'like' it!) to see what I've been doing in place of blogging!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snowmobiling the Snowy Range!

Christmas day after hanging out at the farm, a crew of us headed west for our annual snowmobiling trip! We stayed the night in South Dakota and made the rest of the trek to the Snowy Range in Wyoming the following day!

Our first day of riding getting ready to go in front of the double wide we spent the week in :) Uncle Darrell, Grant, Cody and Tanner.

The Ski Doo stuck again with Tanner!

What a gorgeous day! I was breaking trail down a logging road :) So much fun!

Jaker stuck with the Nitro - but he's still smiling! We love the mountains :)

Uncle Darrell tipped over trying to do some tricks ;) Cody, are you really helping??

Dad's havin fun!

Self portrait! Grant Walter and Me :)

Cody getting a turn to drive.

Suzette's having fun on a sunny day!

LOL! Look at those two dorks coming back from the lodge - Jaker and Granto.

View from the trail on day 2.

The sun was shining on Libby Flats! Tanner, Grant, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Jake and Cody.

I think this is looking over towards Lake Marie!

Cody, Me, Dad and Grant

So pretty!

Grant doing tricks for the camera

Doing a little backcountry riding.

Love that

Cuddling up for the evening ;) Grant, Jake and Me

Grant's having fun!

Dad too ;)

Taking a break ... why's everyone looking at the creek to the left?

Ohh cuz there's a Ski Doo down there!!

heh heh ... a little stuck down there

Hmm and then I had a little trouble navigating through some trees

Pretty sure Grant's going back down to help get the Ski Doo up the hill

Uncle Darrell and Cody scopin out the scenery

Jake having a fantastic time!

Mom giving the camera some funny looks

The whole crew stopped for lunch - Jake, my sled, Grant, Tanner, Mom, Dad, Uncle Darrell, Cody

See that creek back there to the left ... yeah I hit that and panicked and let off and then I was a little stuck ... note that there is also a tree in front of me ;)

What the heck, Mom? tehe ... there were definitely no creeks by your tree!

The last day our group got smaller because it was FREEZING cold. We only rode part of the day. Here's Jake, Grant, Uncle Darrell and Tanner.

It was another super fun trip to the MOUNTAINS!!!!
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