Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sandstone Ice Fest 2010

Grant and I enjoyed another year of Ice Fest in Sandstone, MN!! The usual crew also attended and this year we brought my cousin, Jake along. We had a great time hanging out as always.

Saturday morning making some biscuits and gravy in our teepee tent with our new woodstove!! Jake, Grant, and Brody.

Ang sewing up her coat so she wouldn't lose any more feathers!

Me making some biscuits and gravy.

The boys and their usual dorky selves ;)

Ang and I having some hot cocoa and tea! Mm good on a cold, snowy morning!

Looking into our tent from the door ... those spots are snowflakes ;)

There it is! Our tent and even a ski pulk outside ;)

Grant explaining to Jake the basics of ice climbing as he helps him put his cramp-ons on.

Getting tied in to the top rope.

Everyone trying out the ice axes. That's Grant in his nice, warm, green down jacket ;)

Jake trying it out before getting on the top rope.

Jake's turn on the rope!

Nice climb, Jake!

Now Ryan's going to give it a try.

Ryan even trusted Jake with his life!!

The goat, Abby, made an appearance at Ice Fest again this year! She's always so curious and will come right into the tent and snack on whatever's around - cardboard, pillows, etc. ha!

The Johnsons went out to a lake to kite for the day so once we got the Vibe up the hill out of the quarry where we were staying (it snowed a lot the night before and we didn't know if we'd make it!) we went to see what they were up to. Here's Jake toting Summit around!

Back at camp Jake gathered and cup up some firewood. The talk was that it was going to be a VERY cold night (like 18 below). A lot of people packed up and left after they were done climbing on Saturday. But, with our new handy dandy teepee tent and wood stove, we just cut up some more wood and prepared for the evening ;) We were actually sweating in there a lot of the time! As long as Grant woke up to stoke the fire that is ... thanks, hunny :)

Making a spot out of the wind to do our traditional dutch oven meal for the evening - tamalie pie.

Summit and I hanging out.

Woo!! It's almost done! Jake, Grant and Brody checking the progress of the tamalie pie.

We stayed warm all night and the next day packed up to head home. The Johnsons did a little climbing before they headed out and here's one of Angie's shots from the day. Nice photography, Ang!

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