Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went over to the Stanleys for supper!

Grant, Mom, Dad and Heather

Chris and Ella

The apple pie I made for dessert ;) This is the first pie I've ever made. But, I cheated - I bought the add water kind of dough and used Mike's canned apple pie for the insides! The dough didn't work out as planned when I realized we didn't have a rolling pin ;) but it tasted good!

Ella eyeing up the presents.

Some Lego Duplos from us :)

Look at these awesome tables Grant made for our living room!

Aww thanks hunny ;)

Ella and I eating some play ice cream

Grant and Bear howling

A toy box for the kitties!

Some comfy socks for Heather

A hilarious book for Grant 'The Complete Worst Case Scenario Handbook of Man Skills'

Ella and Gramma Vickie in the tent and tunnel we gave her (we gave it to Ella - not Gramma ;)

A new calendar for Dad

Uncle Grant and Ella playing

A new poker table topper for Chris from us

We had a fun time hanging out at the Stanleys!

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