Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at the Farm

Christmas day we all packed up and headed towards Melrose for a visit at the farm!

Ella and I playing around :)

Gramma Vickie, Ella and Aunt Suzette

Gramma Rosie, Aunt Vicki, Chris and Mom

Chris, Mom, Dad and Aunt Renee

Suzette and Ella hangin out

The Stanleys posing nicely for a photo since they're always taking pics of us!! :)

The guys gathering around the bar - Grant, Jake, Uncle Glenn, Dad and Uncle Darrell.

Gramma Rosie and Aunt Vicki chatting.

The cousin picture! Back - Olivia, Cody, Me. Middle - Justine, Danna, Heather. Bottom - Jake and Ella

A Hinnenkamp family photo (minus the son-in-laws)

We had ridden the old snowmobiles over from Uncle Darrells - so here we are getting ready to head back!! So much fun :) heh heh
Merry Christmas!!

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