Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at the Farm

Christmas day we all packed up and headed towards Melrose for a visit at the farm!

Ella and I playing around :)

Gramma Vickie, Ella and Aunt Suzette

Gramma Rosie, Aunt Vicki, Chris and Mom

Chris, Mom, Dad and Aunt Renee

Suzette and Ella hangin out

The Stanleys posing nicely for a photo since they're always taking pics of us!! :)

The guys gathering around the bar - Grant, Jake, Uncle Glenn, Dad and Uncle Darrell.

Gramma Rosie and Aunt Vicki chatting.

The cousin picture! Back - Olivia, Cody, Me. Middle - Justine, Danna, Heather. Bottom - Jake and Ella

A Hinnenkamp family photo (minus the son-in-laws)

We had ridden the old snowmobiles over from Uncle Darrells - so here we are getting ready to head back!! So much fun :) heh heh
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went over to the Stanleys for supper!

Grant, Mom, Dad and Heather

Chris and Ella

The apple pie I made for dessert ;) This is the first pie I've ever made. But, I cheated - I bought the add water kind of dough and used Mike's canned apple pie for the insides! The dough didn't work out as planned when I realized we didn't have a rolling pin ;) but it tasted good!

Ella eyeing up the presents.

Some Lego Duplos from us :)

Look at these awesome tables Grant made for our living room!

Aww thanks hunny ;)

Ella and I eating some play ice cream

Grant and Bear howling

A toy box for the kitties!

Some comfy socks for Heather

A hilarious book for Grant 'The Complete Worst Case Scenario Handbook of Man Skills'

Ella and Gramma Vickie in the tent and tunnel we gave her (we gave it to Ella - not Gramma ;)

A new calendar for Dad

Uncle Grant and Ella playing

A new poker table topper for Chris from us

We had a fun time hanging out at the Stanleys!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with the Peters

Today we made our way down to the cities to hang out with the Peters and celebrate Christmas!

Grant and Bear visiting with Joey and Jenny

Mom, Dad, Me and Bob

Heather and Gramma Hazel

Sheryl and Ella reading a story

Bob and Penny having some supper

Ella opening presents with Gramma Vickie

Penny and Gramma Hazel

Me and Ella checking out her new book

Another good time was had by all ;)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas with the Schnells!

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with the Schnells :) We had a great time like always!

We got to meet the newest family member, Zoey!

Zoey and Grant bonding.

She warmed up to everyone pretty quickly.

Grant's excited for supper!

Grant, Dad Gary and Mom Marla.

Molly and Clark. They're also pumped for supper ;)

After supper getting ready for present opening. Clark's trying to punch the angel ;)

Schnell family photo!

Time for presents! Gary got a new Stormy Chromer hat from Grant (it's Grant's favorite kind of hat ;)

Grant got a fire starting flint! He loved it :) We thought for sure he was going to start the house on fire because he could hardly contain himself and just really wanted to try it.

Mom Marla got a new photo calendar for 2011!

Clark got a new shirt.

I got a new wallet!

Molly got a hand mixer!

Zoey got a new toy but she was too exhausted to play with it ;)

But she woke up after awhile and played with it!

The next morning we made some biscuits and gravy for everyone!

We had a great weekend with the Schnells!
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